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Wittman-Spins is proud to present its lineup of breakthrough guitar tuners.

Wittman JackTUNER

jacktuner $69.95 + $5.00 S&H ($26 foreign).The Wittman JackTUNER requires no alteration to the guitar. Just replace your standard jack plate with the Wittman JackTUNERand you are ready to tune. A nine-volt battery fits in the control cavity under the tone controls and an on/off switch replaces the standard volume pot with a push/pull pot (like a coil tap pot).

Installing the Wittman JackTUNER is akin to changing pickups. If your technical skill level is relative you should have no problems. If not, please consult a qualified technician.

Wittman MiniTUNER

minituner$59.95 + $5.00 S&H ($26 foreign). The Wittman MiniTUNER is used by many professional touring and recording musicians, among them Bela Fleck. The Wittman MiniTUNER is the first patented on-board tuner.

The tuner can be mounted inside the sound hole of an acoustic guitar or on the flange of a banjo. A chromatic tuner which picks up vibration directly from the instrument, the device provides no-hands operation. Accuracy is maintained within the range of ± 1 cent. (Most tuners are accurate to only ± 3 cents.) Uses standard nine-volt battery. The bright LED makes the display easy to read in bright sunlight or on stage.

Wittman Spectrum TUNER

spectrum$39.95 + $5.00 S&H ($26 foreign). The Wittman SPECTRUM Standalone Tuner is the perfect standalone tuner for acoustic or electric instruments. Small enough to fit inside a guitar case and perfect for acoustic instruments. Try the Wittman SPECTRUM today and see how fast, accurate, and easy it is to use.

--Fully automatic 12 note tuner
--7-octave range
--1/4-inch jacks for electric instruments
--Internal microphone for acoustic instruments
--Easy-to-read LED display
--Lightning fast "Q-circuit"
--Long battery life
--One-touch recalibration


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